Podcast Recap — Episode 1: Digital Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Fan Base with Jesse Cannon

3 min readMay 6, 2020


In the first episode of our podcast, we would like to introduce Jesse Cannon. A record producer, artist manager, music marketer, and author of Processing Creativity & Get More Fans. In this podcast, we will discuss Jesse’s experience as a music marketer and go over strategies he developed throughout his career.

Q: Give us 3 must use social platforms where artists could gain recognition.

It’s important to build personal relationships and find the people you get along with. Online message boards are a great way to start the process. YouTube engagement and Instagram outreach are also great self-promoting social platforms that artists utilize.

Q: What’s your advice to artists and bands that have plateaued in gaining new fans?

It’s important to be authentic while building your community before reaching 10k. Once you acquire that fanbase, it’s important to find different strategies in order to scale. Amplification after 10,000 depends on the genre of your music. Rules change, but always remember to target behaviors of your community. Having a steady stream of music helps overcome plateaued situations.

Q: Why are singles better than albums?

Everyone’s fighting for attention, so we have to capitalize on that. Taking the time to invest in new content is the best way to entertain your followers while scaling. When it comes to Spotify, followers are more important than streams. The biggest thing is that people want to see that stream number, but it doesn’t necessarily get you fans. Instead, you have to invest your money into gaining followers instead.

Q: What are some marketing strategies you’d recommend?

Reverse engineer and think about your key demographic. Hyper-target regional market if you’re able to before pushing into national or international promotion. This is a strategy that scales pretty well and should be utilized by up and coming artists.

Q: How much impact does an artists’ artistic expression and behavior have on their overall success?

It’s a psychological battle when it comes to artist recognition. The proactive and reactive balance as an artist is important, especially in the early stages.

Q: What are some new marketing tactics during COVID-19?

Crossing audiences and collaborating with other artists is one of the most common strategies used by most artists so far. Throwing events together on social media platforms such as Instagram, Minecraft, and Fortnite could remain a strategy even after this quarantine.

Q: How important are release checklists?

Album releasing parties may become a huge and popular advertising strategy amid this quarantine.

This sums up our 1st podcast episode, hope you enjoyed it. We hope you and your family are doing well during this difficult time. We’d love to hear your feedback, feel free to contact us.

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